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Welcome to the official website for Dave Desmelik music. Please browse, listen, read, share, and feel free to contact. Thank you so much for supporting independent and original music.
It is a good thing to do and you, the listener are appreciated.
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Rooted Collection 


Many thanks to Lucas Cipkowski for recent filming of a couple of my songs for a video series called Rooted Collection. It is a series that features Asheville and WNC regional artists. Also thanks to The Grey Eagle for hosting us. And of course thanks to you who continue to support independent and original music. Here is one of the videos shot on that cool and windy day in March.

The Ointment Appointment (a side project) 

Friends.... Andy, Josh, and myself have a musical side project we have started. This project is completely different from what we normally do as a folkrock/americana/singer-songwriter trio. This band is in it's infancy, however if we are not careful, we may spread slowly like butt paste on diaper rash. The songs we are writing are loud and strange and we are thinking we must be some form of a hard rock power trio. The live shows are few, but we do have a performance coming up at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC on Tuesday, March 22nd. Come see/hear us in our rock and roll glory (scabs and all)...... We are calling ourselves The Ointment Appointment. Here is a very brief bio...

The Ointment Appointment is a smooth arrangement of loose and edgy rock and roll rubbed into the open wounds of music. The balmy members that make up this engagement are Andy, Josh, and Dave……. Collectively they are also known as being a boil on the ass of society. However, with a little help from electric guitar distortion, heavy bass lines, and a junior drum kit, this self-inflicted injury has a chance to heal. Nobody is immune and we all get slashed, gashed, cut, and lacerated from time to time. So make a date, gel with your inner lesion, and rendezvous with The Ointment Appointment.

'More Real Bio' 

On the Bio page of this website I have added a 'more real bio' to share in addition to my standard artist bio. It is a glimpse beyond the normal bio and is intended to be a bit more real and give a touch more insight beyond the stage. Just click on the Bio tab at the top of this page and have a quick read. Continued thanks to you dear music listener....

Official video for Stretch  

Dave Desmelik - Stretch - copyright 2014 (BMI) from the album 'We Don't Want A Dying Flame' - www.davedesmelik.com
Filmed and edited by Tommy Wakefield - wakefieldfilms@gmail.com

The basis of this song is belief in hope. The thought that a look inside ourselves can bring renewed awareness. The feeling of accomplishment through life.
Here are the lyrics:

Stretch - out my legs
Catch - a deep breath
I don't feel any pain

Hit - a home run
Risk - all you've done
You won't walk in the rain

Play - by the rules
Make use - of your tools
We can't all be the same

Keep - your chin up
Bleed - out your blood
No one gets easy change

Take - some time sometimes
The game - can be a grind
We don't want a dying flame

Have strength - to keep your head
Give thanks - to the dead
You will not forget your name

Think - of all those years
Blink - back the tears
I don't feel any pain

'Old News' 

'Old News' is my 10th self-released, full-length album to date. I am very happy to announce the official release date is scheduled for -6pm on Wednesday, July 1st at The Grey Eagle Music Hall in Asheville, NC. This will be a family friendly show on the patio (weather permitting - if it rains we simply move inside). I hope you can join us... however if you are reading this and live outside of the western NC area, please stay tuned for info about online purchase and digital downloads or simply email me for more info and to support the CD. dave_desmelik@hotmail.com ... now about 'Old News'....

In an effort to capture the energy created while performing live, I wanted to record an album of myself, Josh Gibbs (lap steel), and Andy Gibbon (bass) in a simple format... the formula being relax, push record, and just play. So we gathered in Vince's room one day at the end of December 2014 with only our instruments, four microphones, an out-dated recording device, and the drive to play music for the sake of playing music. I also wanted to revisit some songs previously recorded that have grown and changed a bit through the years... hence the title 'Old News'. These are songs we perform often when gigging and they remain in slow flux. This recording is raw, yet ripe with the spirit of music.

Just My Two Cents.... 

When you eat real vegetables grown with love and care and not produced for the masses.... your mind, body, and spirit may thank you for it.
When you drink real beer brewed with love and care and not made for the masses... your mind, body, and spirit may thank you for it.
When you read a real story written with love and care and not penned for the masses..... your mind, body, and spirit may thank you for it.
When you listen to real music performed with love and care and not played for the masses..... your mind, body, and spirit WILL thank you for it.

On Board With Hemifran 

I am happy to announce I will be working with Hemifran for promotion in Europe of my new album
"We Don't Want A Dying Flame"   http://www.hemifran.com/

Hemifrån is an independent A&R, promotion and marketing company, based in the heart of Sweden, specializing in, what we call, “gut music” – The kind of music that you can feel in your gut, no matter if it’s power pop, soft singer-songwriter, heavy rock, blues, gentle westcoast-pop, country, AOR, jazz, americana, electronica or just plain, simple, good ol' rock’n’roll.....

This company has an impressive list of artists it has worked with including David Rawlings, Ani DiFranco, Jackson Browne, and Brian Setzer just to name a few. I am excited and hope you will visit their website and have a look.

Many continued thanks to you who support "gut music".

I Applaud You 

Professionals in the marketing and publicity world strongly suggest that to reach a customer and generate sales you need to tell the potential customer why they need to buy your product, how it benefits them, and the overall satisfaction they will receive.

I am not writing this post for those reasons. I am writing this post just to say thank you to those who are reading this right now. I appreciate you, the listener and supporter of independent and original music. I continue to write, record, and perform often for the true therapeutic value it brings me and that I personally need. But I could not do this as a lasting career and calling if not for you..... so thank you for any and all support you have given and continue to give. I applaud you.

"One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising." -Jim Rohn

New CD is here and release shows are scheduled 

I am happy to officially say things are in place and I am ready share my ninth self-released album with you. This one is titled We Don't Want A Dying Flame and is comprised of 13 original songs.The release shows are Friday, November 7th -9pm in West Asheville, NC at The Altamont Brewery (Trio show) and Saturday, November 8th -1pm in Brevard, NC at The Phoenix (Solo show). In addition to this new CD, coming soon will be t-shirts and new songs available on the inter-web. Soooo much thanks to Andy Gibbon and Josh Gibbs for their musical talent, as well as Steve Mayone for mastering, and Drew Findlay for the CD design and layout. I am excited to share these songs with you. Thank you for supporting independent and original music.