DAVE DESMELIK -Lyrical and Instrumental Songster

Welcome to the official website for Dave Desmelik music. Please browse, listen, read, share, and feel free to contact. Thank you so much for supporting independent and original music.
It is a good thing to do and you, the listener are appreciated.
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Giving and Gifting.... 

Hi friends and fellow music lovers..... just a quick reminder that the holiday season is approaching fast and it's not too early to think about getting some gifts for those you love. May I suggest the gift of independent music. There are a number of reasons why I believe this is one of the best gifts you can give. It's lasting, it has true emotional value, you are sharing something you enjoy, and music is therapy. AND you are supporting hard working DIY musicians. These are just a few reasons..... I hope you may consider the gift of independent music. Continued thanks! Check out the Discography page for lots of original music and multiple links to purchase/download or even better contact directly for personal service. I would be honored and grateful to connect with you.           dave_desmelik@hotmail.com  

What's your instrument? 

Do you have an instrument? Any instrument? Perhaps a guitar, banjo, bass, drums, piano, mandolin, ukelele, shaker, spoons, harmonica, steel guitar, keyboard, hand claps, a voice, five gallon bucket, a pen and paper, a canvas, clay, silly puddy, sand paper, foot stomps, a broom, a paintbrush, hammer and nails, a bike, skateboard, herbs and spices, swimming, yoga, a golf club, colored pencils, a camera, etc........... anything that gives you an outlet for creative expression..... YOUR creative expression..... I encourage you to take time and find your therapy.... even a few short minutes a day......

Just a Few Friends 

Just a few friends that I admire and appreciate...... please take a moment to check out these fine folks.....

www.nolanmckelvey.com     www.linguamusicalive.com     www.bowthayer.com     www.wncw.org     www.dynamiteroasting.com     www.davidphilips.net     www.peopleforcleanmountains.org     www.stevemayone.com     www.wncmusic.org     www.joemyers.net     www.fhgrr.com     www.brentjwalker.com

I'll keep posting more friends and links in the future..... thanks!

Always in Season .... House Concerts 

What are house concerts?

House concerts are private events in the homes of music fans. Friends, neighbors, and acquaintances are invited to attend a two set performance, and make a suggested donation of $10-20 per person. Often there’s a pot luck dinner or dessert, and it’s not unusual for guests to bring a beverage along with their favorite dish.

These shows are always fun and intimate and a great way for artists and fans to connect.

For more info email dave_desmelik@hotmail.com and thanks!

Because... It really does make a difference.... 

Just a reminder that it is a good thing to support local and independent businesses. Today... consider purchasing your coffee from a local roaster instead of a corporate entity..... consider getting lunch at your local deli instead of fast food...... consider shopping at your local farmers market instead of a huge grocery store..... consider supporting local music and artists in your town.... and remember, don't be afraid to think for yourself..... Because.... it really does make a difference....

Thanks Lingua Musica! 

Thank you Joe Kendrick from Lingua Musica www.linguamusicalive.com and Tony Preston from Moonlight Mile Studio for your hard work in supporting regional, independent, and original music. So happy and humbled to be the first filming in a new video series from Lingua Musica. Josh Gibbs joins for the interview portion and Gary and Grady Wiley join for the performance. Stop over to their website and say hello.