It's about time this album was made! Nolan and Dave album coming soon.

I am more than happy to officially announce the coming of a new album. My old friend and musical compadre, Nolan McKelvey ( and I, are finally making an album together and it is currently in the works. This album has been a long time coming. Some of you may remember Nolan and I from our former band Onus B Johnson. We cut our musical teeth together way back in the days of hazy youth and teetering barstools in Flagstaff, AZ and we have talked about making a "Nolan and Dave" record for years. Well, now it is happening. I can't wait for you to hear this album.... it will be homespun and real. Stay tuned! 

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  • Lebron

    Lebron Pinkerton

    Sweet Brother Dave and Nolan ..can't wait.

    Sweet Brother Dave and Nolan ..can't wait.

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