LIFEBOAT Official Cd Release

The official release of LIFEBOAT is Wednesday, Sept. 21st -6pm on the patio of The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC.

LIFEBOAT is my 11th self-released full-length album. On this collection of songs, I play a number of instruments including guitars, bass, piano, attempted drums, textures of Hammond M3, but with a heavy foundation of 4-string cigar box guitar and baritone ukulele. Also, heartfelt songs lyrics and short explanations are included on the inside cover. Other musicians contributing their talent on this recording include longtime band mates and friends Josh Gibbs and Andy Gibbon, the incredibly skilled Michael Ashworth (Steep Canyon Rangers), WNC powerhouse Laura Blackley, and the distinctive spoken voice of Ben Hardy. Adding his two cents and outside of the box thinking, the mastering was done by Seth Kauffman (Floating Action). I titled this album LIFEBOAT because in all of the complexities and uncertainties of life, music will always be there as a safe place…. A sturdy vessel designed for use in saving lives…

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