'Old News'

'Old News' is my 10th self-released, full-length album to date. I am very happy to announce the official release date is scheduled for -6pm on Wednesday, July 1st at The Grey Eagle Music Hall in Asheville, NC. This will be a family friendly show on the patio (weather permitting - if it rains we simply move inside). I hope you can join us... however if you are reading this and live outside of the western NC area, please stay tuned for info about online purchase and digital downloads or simply email me for more info and to support the CD. dave_desmelik@hotmail.com ... now about 'Old News'....

In an effort to capture the energy created while performing live, I wanted to record an album of myself, Josh Gibbs (lap steel), and Andy Gibbon (bass) in a simple format... the formula being relax, push record, and just play. So we gathered in Vince's room one day at the end of December 2014 with only our instruments, four microphones, an out-dated recording device, and the drive to play music for the sake of playing music. I also wanted to revisit some songs previously recorded that have grown and changed a bit through the years... hence the title 'Old News'. These are songs we perform often when gigging and they remain in slow flux. This recording is raw, yet ripe with the spirit of music.

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