The Ointment Appointment (a side project)

Friends.... Andy, Josh, and myself have a musical side project we have started. This project is completely different from what we normally do as a folkrock/americana/singer-songwriter trio. This band is in it's infancy, however if we are not careful, we may spread slowly like butt paste on diaper rash. The songs we are writing are loud and strange and we are thinking we must be some form of a hard rock power trio. The live shows are few, but we do have a performance coming up at The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC on Tuesday, March 22nd. Come see/hear us in our rock and roll glory (scabs and all)...... We are calling ourselves The Ointment Appointment. Here is a very brief bio...

The Ointment Appointment is a smooth arrangement of loose and edgy rock and roll rubbed into the open wounds of music. The balmy members that make up this engagement are Andy, Josh, and Dave……. Collectively they are also known as being a boil on the ass of society. However, with a little help from electric guitar distortion, heavy bass lines, and a junior drum kit, this self-inflicted injury has a chance to heal. Nobody is immune and we all get slashed, gashed, cut, and lacerated from time to time. So make a date, gel with your inner lesion, and rendezvous with The Ointment Appointment.

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